Thursday, October 15, 2015

Winter Street Dress in the midst of a heat wave

I am still waiting on fall weather.

The temp today tops out at 94 degrees.

If I can't get the weather I desire, at least I got a great fit for this dress.

If you have followed my fitting journey over the last few years, you know I fight uneven, sloping shoulders that are forward rotated.  It is a wonderful recipe for wrinkles in a bodice.  

After lots of trial and error, I might have won the fit battle.

Winter Street Dress by Deepika from Pattern Review

Black and coral floral double knit from Fashion Fabrics.

Construction notes:
This is a quick dress to put together.  Like about two hours!
Added clear elastic in the shoulder and waistline.
Very proud of a perfect neckline on this baby!!!

Fit notes:
I have tried to keep the armseye of a pattern intact, but I am coming to realize that my shoulder joint isn't as big as the pattern companies think it is.  So, I took out about 1" in the front bodice height right in the armseye.  Don't have a panic attack!

Next, I did a forward rotation on the sleeve.  Center front is moved forward by an inch.  Lowered cap height by about 3/4" and wedged the pieces in the front and back to form the correct armseye lengths on the front and back.  

Doing a happy dance with the results!!!!

See the overlapped section.  I should follow the green dashed line.

Forward rotated shoulder.  You can see the difference in my sleeve and the pattern.

Forward rotated shoulder heaven!!!  It fits!!!!  I can move my arm!!!
The whole dress.  Winter Street Dress
The back.

Look at the bodice, NO WRINKLES.

It fits!!!!

So happy!

This is a great little dress.  The skirt is very cute with pleats in the front and back.  I see more of these in my future.


  1. This is the best version of this dress I have seen. The fit is perfect and the fabric is gorgeous. I can see why you are so pleased. Well done!

  2. Kathleen,
    It is perfect!
    I have been studying your blog and am so impressed with your determination to get the right fit. I have been paralyzed by this for decades! I am so afraid of trying to read and understand fit. You have given me courage to stop whining and start learning. I know fit makes a big difference, but see the difference it has made for you is inspiring. Thank you!