Friday, March 6, 2015

Washi Dress and Double Gauze

I am in love with a new fabric.  
Ok, I just love fabric.  
But this fabric is so comfortable, I must purchase more for pajamas.  
I need a whole wardrobe made of this stuff!!!!

Double Gauze from Cotton and Steel.  

Washi Dress and Double Gauze from Cotton and Steel

Wash Dress with Expansion Pack 3/4 length sleeve

Double Gauze Bespoken Line from Cotton and Steel

Fitting Suggestions and alterations:
I added a dart under the bust for a more fitted appearance.  
I also like the look of the gathered skirt versus the pleats.  
The double gauze doesn't hold a crease well (great for pulling out the the closet and wearing.)

This has got to be the most comfortable dress I own.  Perfect fit with elastic at the back!
Fabric that makes you want to sleep in it.

Back view of Washi dress

I had a blast today with a few ladies making their very own Washi dress for the first time.  
This is a great beginner project!!!


  1. This looks fabulous on you! The colors in the fabric are so beautiful!

  2. I love the dress.....and am intrigued by the fabric. Is it sheer/see-through? I think I am going to have to track some down online and try it!

    1. Not sheer at all! I bet a pure white might be a little see-through. It is like two layers of gauze put together.

  3. This dress looks fantastic on you! And it's comfortable, to boot! Win, win!

  4. Beautiful, I am a huge fan of the washi pattern and your version is lovely.