Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ruffles and Boho Chic

Indigo Ruffle Skirt with graduated layers of ruffles

Washed Black Boho Ruffle Skirt

I have found the grown-up version of the little girl's twirly skirt.  
It is the full Boho ruffle skirt for adults.

Washed black 2" Boho Ruffles from Ruffle fabric.  

Vintage Indigo Crescendo Ruffles from Ruffle fabric

Elastic waistband from Ruffle fabric.

Ruffle Fabric handed out a postcard with pattern directions at the International Quilt Market.  

The skirt sides were serged together.  The waistband was coverstitched on.  
No hem.  Took longer to pin those ruffles in the right direction then to sew.

A cascade of Boho ruffles

RTW jacket with my wonky shoulders doesn't hang straight.  Pictures don't lie.

Indigo cascade of ruffles.

Love my grown-up twirly skirt.


  1. I love these! Can you provide more information?

  2. I love these! Can you provide more information?

    1. I found my instruction card from Ruffle Fabrics (which I am sure they will send you if you order fabric.) I googled the topic and found this tutorial. It is exactly what I did, just didn't know it was on the web.

  3. This is a fun and interesting skirt!