Friday, June 27, 2014

Threads Duct Tape Skirt Sloper

Oh, my!  I have been so busy in my sewing room.  
Working with my own slopers!

Below are pictures of the crumpled remains of my duct tape sloper.  
Front of my Duct Tape Skirt Sloper
Back of my Duct Tape Skirt Sloper
Threads Fitting for Every Figure contains wonderful directions on how to make this sloper.  My sweet husband helped me to wrap duct tape around my waist and hips.  

The results were startling. 

I discovered some of my fitting issues:
1.  Need for very shallow and short darts in the front.
2.  Need for more width in the front, especially on the left side.
3.  Need for shorter darts in the back and almost perfect width.

Original Pattern in blue is Simplicity 1465 with my sloper darts drawn in black.
Original pattern in red is Simplicity 1465 with my sloper darts drawn in black.

Started with Simplicity 1465 and then added my own darts and width.  So, I think this means the skirt was almost self drafted.  

Lime green linen from Robert Kaufman
Silk organza underlining
rayon lining
rayon Petersham ribbon waistband

This started as a couture skirt.  But, I had one week to finish it, so it became the "almost" couture skirt.

The pattern was traced onto the organza.  
Organza hand sewn to the linen.
One inch seams.

Then, the hurry started.  
Machine basted side seams.
Machine sewn side seams.
Hand sewn side seams to organza.
Macine sewn darts.

Hand picked zipper.
Steamed and shaped waistband.
Machine sewn lining.
Machine basted waistband.
Machine sewn waistband.
Snaps applied and all the interior tidied.

All ready for the fitting program I did for the American Sewing Guild group in Houston.  

Petersham ribbon waistband!!!!  Makes it so comfortable.

Back view after a few wrinkles

Side View

Other side view

Happy with my skirt.

More fitting samples from my class to come...............


  1. Wow, that looks stunning. Love the color but that all aside, you are my hero. This whole realm of slopers, fitting etc scares the daylights out of me. You go! Fits to perfection.

  2. I like what you did to achieve the perfect skirt! It looks great and I now must add this book to my sewing arsenal on getting get fit.

  3. Beautiful skirt, Kathleen! Love the fit. You are very inspiring!!
    (I think you should come to CA to "teach a class." :)

    1. Thanks, Anita! I might be able to find a cheap bed and breakfast place near you. Round up some friends and I would love to come. Then, I could add fabric shopping to the plans. :)

  4. Kathleen, the fit of your skirt is amazing! Perfect! And it is my favorite color too.