Thursday, June 5, 2014

1, 2, and 3 OFB Toddler Summer Dresses

Have you ever noticed that babies come in groups?  You hardly have one addition to your circle of friends and family.  I have three new girls that are arriving soon (one is already here) in my extended family.  So when my local SAGA group decided to do a sew-along using the OFB Toddler Summer Dress, I jumped at the opportunity to spend two days with friends and make three little dresses.  

Here they are:

Old Fashioned Baby Toddler Summer Dress,  Dress 1

Swiss edging on the hem.

Old Fashioned Baby Toddler Summer Dress, Dress 2

Hemline Tucks and Swiss edging

Center yoke detail.  Swiss lace, French lace, tucks, and beading with pink ribbon.

Old Fashioned Baby Toddler Summer Dress, Dress 3

Blue trimmed Swiss edging with tucks.

Blue yoke detail.

Old Fashioned Baby, Toddler Summer Dress, View 2, Size 1
(without embroidery around the hem)

White Daygown Fabric from OFB's website.  I suspect it is a little nicer white batiste than I normally find.  Trim is from OFB.  

This dress is easy to construct and finish, but it is not a beginner's dress.  I made three in two days of class.  It makes a lovely gift.  Not too fussy or over the top in details.  

If you have wondered about my internet silence, our family has been traveling.  We finished school and immediately left for Washington D.C.  I am back home and sewing like crazy!  Can't wait to show you my results.......  

Memorial Day 2014 in Arlington National Cemetery.
This is a picture of my husband's grandfather's grave who died in WWII.

White House

U.S. Capitol


  1. Triple sweetness! I really feel like slow poke, though. I still need to finish just the one that I started in class with Jeannie! Your family vacation looks wonderful! Happy Summer!

  2. Ooh I love this dress. I have made three of them as well. There is just something about it that says summer. Your vacation looks wonderful.