Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Spring is here" skirt

What ever I sew during the week is fair game for my daughter to wear as soon as possible.  Regardless of the weather or season.  So, she wore her new white skirt (my new spring sewing) to church today.  I did ban the white shoes until Easter.  I hope the fashion police take into account the opinions of 10 year olds.  

Simplicity 1675 redrafted for an A-line skirt.

Simplicity 1675 redrafted for an A-line skirt.
I had recently made this pattern and knew it would fit, so I drafted the skirt longer and took out the hi/low hemline.  The elastic waistband is coverstitched.  

White novelty cotton from Hobby Lobby. 
Before you run out and buy some yourself.  I noticed when I cut out the skirt the pattern lengths not matching exactly.  Well, as I started to pin, I realized the fabric was flawed and the patterns in the fabric didn't repeat exactly.  My last photo show a  side view and if you look careful, you will find the section that doesn't match!  Oh, well!  A pure white skirt won't be white for long on a 10 year old!

Fabric from Hobby Lobby

Playing with the dog who wouldn't leave us alone taking pictures.

We just finished Spring Break and I spent some off days in my sewing room!  
Can't wait to show you my projects!

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