Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simple Sewing, Pajamas, New Look 6334

Nightgown, New Look 6334

Life has been busy, so I did some very simple sewing.  Relaxing and fun!  I added a few pictures at the end of my other pursuits and why sewing simple was so appealing 
(My whole body is sore and tired.)

New Look 6334, View A for nightgown
View B for pajama pants.

I didn't look at the directions, but found another pair of my daughter's PJ pants and compared them to the pattern.  Interesting the front waistband in the RTW was 1 1/2" shorter than the pattern and the ready to wear was 1 1/2" longer in the back.  I also used my overstitch machine to sew in the elastic waistband.  I LOVE this trick!
So, I altered my pattern to match something that already fit.  

The gown came with a facing for the neckline, but it is silly to put that on a nightgown.  So, I used bias binding for the neckline and sleeves.  I also cut the neckline larger to allow it to fit over my daughter's head.  Not many kids want buttons in the back of a gown.

I have been pulling prints from my stash that are clearly too young for my sophisticated daughter.  These are a few of them.  They were put to good used in pajamas.

Instead of a facing, I bias bound the neckline.

Back view of New Look 6334

Simplicity 6334 View B Pants in Fabric Finders Fabric.  Purchased Tank.
New Look 6334 pants and purchased cami.

The following are pictures of my garden!  I just planted the whole thing for spring: beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, onions and herbs.

My favorite seeds, gloves and garden plans.
First strawberries will be here soon.
Onions are going well.  There will be 1015's, red, and white onions soon!

Everything is planted.  Just weed, water, and wait.

Green onions grow all year.  My tomatoes will top these huge cages before June.

My little tomato starts in their Texas Tomato cages!

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