Sunday, February 12, 2012

SB's "Ribbon Pinwheel Jacket" with a 2+2 Skirt from Oliver+S and Liberty Jane's AG pattern

It is cold in Texas today, so I was glad I finished this skirt and jacket combo for my daughter.

My local SAGA chapter had a program on this jacket in the fall and I was determined to finish my jacket, but it kept falling to the bottom of the sewing pile.  With determination, I tackled the ribbon with a mighty army of pins!

The jacket is from Sew Beautiful, Issue 128.  The magazine contains the pattern and directions for completing the jacket.  They used a piece of wool for their jacket, but I chose a cooler and cheaper cut of cotton corduroy.  My jacket is a size 8 and my daughter is 8 and should be able to wear it again next year.  

The front of the jacket has a lot of extra room in it, so do a trial on the fit if you are using expensive fabric.  The skirt if from Oliver+S's pattern 2+2 Blouse and Skirt.  I love the ribbon from Renaissance Ribbons on the bottom edge of the skirt.  I think I will find a turquoise t-shirt to wear for the summer with this skirt.

Rebecca (American Girl Doll) is dressed in a matching fabric dress from Liberty Jane Patterns and Eden Ava Couture called 1930s Vintage Inspired Dress.  It is a quick and easy dress to put together and my daughter loves to match her doll!

My daughter loved wearing this today in the cool weather.  Stay warm!


  1. How sweet! And your "model" obviously loves her job!

  2. Your daughter seems happy with the skirt and the jacket. You can tell by her smile that she loved it very much. But I think what made her more happy is that her adorable doll is dressed like her, all thanks to you. :-)[Chris Jeffery]