Monday, December 19, 2011

Seconds on the "School Photo Dress" and "Vintage Jane"

I loved the School Photo Dress by Oliver+S so much, I made a second dress.  Ditto for the pattern from Pink Fig called "Vintage Jane."

My favorite model was very happy to show-off this dress.  The chartreuse green corduroy was a great double for a holiday dress and a plain winter dress.  My daughter can still wear her smocked Christmas dress from last year, so I didn't want to make anything fancy.  I followed the pattern exactly as it is written for the "School Photo Dress."  The front kangaroo pocket is easy and a big hit with little girls.

To make it really festive, I made a necklace for the holidays to match the dress.

For the rest of the year, I made this owl necklace to match the dress.  I decided the jewelry making class I took 2 years ago was not coming back to me quickly.  I may need to take another class before I try it again.

The above dress is "Vintage Jane" by Pink Fig.  I omitted the overskirt since this owl print was hard enough to find one other print to harmonize with it.  I love the simple lines and look of this dress.  It is a great dress for pulling on your boots and being ready to go.

I enjoyed the sale at Planet Applique near Thanksgiving.  These are a few t-shirts I embellished for the holidays.  All the designs, except the owl ( are from Planet Applique.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Bravo! Love the first shots of your model in her versatile dress!

  2. Love that green corduroy dress, she looks really happy and so pretty in it! Great job with everything, you certainly have been busy!

  3. I love your embroidery work. The owl colors & fabrics are particularly cute!