Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Play Outfits from Sassy Skirt by Children's Corner

This skirt it Sassy Skirt by Children's Corner patterns.  I kept the yoke from the pattern and redid the skirt to highlight the cute Christmas Michael Miller fabrics.  I have talked about why I love this skirt in another post.

I cut strips of fabric into 4" by 12" strips and then sewed them together for the skirt.  I added a hem band to finish off the outfit.  The t-shirt is from Target with Planet Applique's Ornament Alphabet Applique.  I made these at Thanksgiving, so I am trying to remember, but I think I used the 6x10 embroidery for the shirt.  It did not look like the print out from Planet Applique, but I think I like it better, it matches the scrappy fabric from the skirt.

This is Sassy Skirt in view B with an added hem band.  The embroidery is from and is called Retro Christmas Trees.  They match the Michael Miller Christmas fabric exactly.  

These are great additions to my daughter's wardrobe to wear to fun parties and family gatherings. I can save the smocked outfits for times when we won't spill food or climb trees.  

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