Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bohemian Top with McCall's M71258 & Stylish Fabric

McCall's M7128 & Stylish Fabric

I ordered this COOL lace about a month ago from Stylish Fabrics and was determined to use the one yard I had to make something that highlighted the lace.  I think I did it.

Cotton jersey from Stylish Fabrics
Matching lace from Stylish Fabrics

McCall's M7128, view B

1.  Took out the notch in the center front.  I felt it would have been way too low.
2.  Added a few inches in length.
3.  Changed the construction order to allow a clean finish on the lace.  I still needed to do a "fix" to keep the seam tape from showing.  I felt the neckline would stretch if I didn't stabilize it.  
3.  Should have cut off the flappy side pieces and put together the front in four pieces.  It is hard to install this panel in knit.
4.  I made a new alteration to the shoulder and my sloper slipped without my knowledge and there is a little difference in the waist reference point.  Something I notice.  It also impacted the back length making it to wrinkle a little.
5.  Took out about 6" in width from around the waist.  That was after I went down to a size Small because I was using a knit.

My thoughts:
I am annoyed that my sloper slipped and caused me to miss the back fit from being perfect. 

I love the matching of the lace and knit.  I just wish I would have ordered a better quality knit.  Cotton knit just doesn't drape as well as something with poly in it.  I love natural fabrics, but I am coming to realize that the rayon/nylon blends and ITY just hang so well.  


  1. Finally! I've missed your posts. I think this is a great use of that lace. Your dress is so cute!

    1. I'm glad you missed me. This year has been crazy and I can't seem to settle into a schedule. But I am always sewing. I have a backlog of items to upload.