Sunday, June 19, 2016

I'm Back and Ready to Share B6164

I didn't mean to take a month off from my blog, but graduating a high school senior and all the festivities involved with it took over my life.  

I am happy to say that our house has returned to its normal busy state.

Even though I made this dress in April, I didn't get around to sharing it.  It was a special dress made to wear for graduation.  My son's graduation gown was royal blue.  I didn't want to compete with it, but to compliment it for great pictures.  

B6164 Fabric from Fashion Fabrics

Butterick B6164, View A

Rayon Challis from Fashion Fabrics

Pattern Adjustments:

I first added 1/2" to raise the armhole.  I also took out a bunch from the shoulder.  After sewing it up partially and then trying it on, I could see my whole bra strap under my arm.  I took another bunch off the top of the shoulder and was happy with the results.  See my pictures below.

I did take a small swayback adjustment as I was sewing the dress together.  This left the hemline with a big wave in it.  My dear husband sat on the floor and pinned and repinned the hem for me.  I think it was his first and last hem pinning session.  

I decided to line the dress with a rayon lining all the way to the hem.  The pattern directions line only the bodice.  I made up my own construction order and used what I call the "Children's Corner Louise" method of adding the lining to the open armhole. Many cool techniques for my clothing I learned by sewing my daughter's dresses.  The techniques in Children's Corner patterns are very valuable to all sewing.  

I am extremely happy with the way this dress looks and fits.  It looks wonderful and I hope it shows through in the pictures.  For those of you who want to make one, please watch the armhole length.  


  1. Lovely dress! Beautiful fabric! Congratulations to your son for graduating!

  2. Congratulations to you and your son - you look beautiful. I hope the day was wonderful!