Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another and Better Go With Kwik Sew 3869

Kwik Sew 3869 blouse

Intensely studying fit will eventually pay dividends.  I just got paid!

Kwik Sew 3869 made before the fit journey.
Notice:  Armhole too large.
Front overall length too long.
Princess side pieces too narrow and front piece too wide.  Resulting in bust point of top not over real bust point.
The back was not in any better shape.

Paisley print from Blend (I think???)
White pique from my stash for collar.

Kwik Sew 3869, View A

Very easy to follow directions.  No problems in construction.

Added length in the back.
Took out length in the front.
Added width the the side panels.
Took out width in the front panel.
Added fabric to the armhole. 
Full bust adjustment to the princess seam.
Redrew the shoulder slopes.

Now I can play tennis in this top and it doesn't pull or move!!!!
Sweet Victory!!!

Back view of Kwik Sew 3869  (with right very sloping shoulder)

Comfy fit!

Ready to go, paired with my duct tape sloper skirt!


  1. That is beautiful! You really did nail the fit.

  2. You are making me a believer - I love the fit, style and print of your paisley blouse. I will be looking into Kenneth King's fit tutorial. Thank you!!