Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Knit Dress, New Look 6221

New Look 6221, Chez Ami fabric

Last summer I bought beautiful knits from Chez Ami.  It was at the end of summer and I never got around to using them.  SO, this summer I intend to use them.  I love these knits because they hang, laundry, and sew well.

Knit sewing patterns for girls are hard to find and even harder to find in a variety of styles.  So, I used a woven pattern for this dress.  I used the size she would normally wear but was able to make sure it fit with the elastic in the back.  The white straps were supposed to be ribbon, but I used white knit.

I serged all the seams and coverstitched the hems.  I then attempted to top-stitch the white straps onto the front of the dress.  Since it is a knit, I figured I should used a stretch stitch.  That thought led to using a single needle on my coverstitich machine.  Well, after a few attempts to sew straight, I wanted to scream!  It is much like trying to topstitch with a serger, one bulky foot and not much mobility.  

Cute summer dress, just don't check out the topstitching on the straps!

Back view,  New Look 6221

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  1. It's definitely cute! I don't think I'd be brave enough to use a woven pattern to make a knit dress. Yours turned out so well!
    -Jenny Jo