Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer is here! Halter Dresses for Girls! Aimee by Bonnie Blue

I love beautiful fabric.  This piece from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden has been in my stash for awhile.  This was the perfect project since much of the dress is one piece, it didn't break up all those paisleys.  I constructed this dress from Bonnie Blue in just a few hours.  It has three pieces!  (My back I cut as one to not break the print.)  I even added piping to give more pop to the dress.

Aimee by Bonnie Blue

Back of Aimee

My only construction changes were:
1.  Making the back one piece.
2.  Adding piping to the neckline and straps.
3.  Decreasing the amount of elastic needed in the back.

You can see from the pattern that it looks just like the pattern picture.

Since the dress went together so quickly, I decided to make View 2 as a nightgown for my daughter.  I used a flannel print perfect for pj's.  The pattern wasn't made for flannel, but I also didn't like how the straps were sewn onto the dress.  It added too much bulk.  I wish the underarm facing and straps were one piece so there was less bulk. 

Our SAGA group just hosted Debbie Glenn for a weekend of sewing.  It was great and my mind was fried, but I sure learned a thing or two.  

After a long day of classes with Debbie Glenn!  It was a great time of sewing and learning!


  1. I think we must be kindred spirits! Pop Garden has to be one of my all time favorite quilter's cottons. I love how your dress showcases the print. And the piping! It's really beautiful. I just got back from a Lyn Weeks workshop; it was also wonderful and exhausting. ;)
    -Jenny Jo

  2. Your dresses look gorgeous, love the fabric!

  3. Where did you get the fabric for the first dress? For a minute I thought it was chickens,! Super duper cute:)

    1. I don't remember when I purchased it. It is a few years old. I know it is part of Heather Bailey's Pop Garden Collection. My guess is that it is sold out. Sorry.